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TCC Catalog 2017-18 
TCC Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Florida’s Statewide Course Numbering System  



   •  ACG2021 Financial Accounting
   •  ACG2071 Managerial Accounting
   •  ACG2450 Computer Accounting
   •  ACG2500 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
   •  TAX2000 Income Tax Accounting


   •  ANT2000 Introduction to Anthropology
   •  ANT2140 Introduction to Archaeology
   •  ANT2211 Peoples of the World
   •  ANT2410 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
   •  ANT2511 Introduction to Physical Anthropology


   •  ART1942 Arts Internship


   •  ART1602C Digital Art Foundations
   •  CAP2703 Computer Animation
   •  GRA2100 Cg Characters Production

Art History

   •  ARH2000 Art Appreciation
   •  ARH2050 Art History: Prehistory through Gothic
   •  ARH2051 Art History: Renaissance through Contemporary
   •  ARH2500 Non-Western Art History


   •  ART1150C Introduction to Jewelry Making
   •  ART1201C 2D Foundations/Design
   •  ART1203C 3D Foundations/Sculpture
   •  ART1205C Color: Theory and Practice
   •  ART1300C Drawing Foundations/Drawing I
   •  ART1330C Figure Drawing
   •  ART1340C Beginning Illustration
   •  ART1430C Screen Printing
   •  ART1540C Watercolor Fundamentals
   •  ART2301C Drawing II
   •  ART2400C Introduction to Printmaking
   •  ART2500C Painting I
   •  ART2501C Painting II
   •  ART2955 Portfolio

Biological Sciences

   •  BOT1000 Plant Science
   •  BSC1005 Introduction to Biological Sciences
   •  BSC1005L Introduction to Biological Sciences Lab
   •  BSC1020 Introduction to Human Biological Sciences
   •  BSC1050 Environmental Systems
   •  BSC1084C Human Biology: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
   •  BSC2010 Biology for Science Majors I
   •  BSC2010L Biology for Science Majors Laboratory I
   •  BSC2011 Biology for Science Majors II
   •  BSC2011L Biology Lab for Science Majors II
   •  BSC2085 Anatomy and Physiology I
   •  BSC2085L Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory
   •  BSC2086 Anatomy and Physiology II
   •  BSC2086L Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory
   •  MCB2004 General Microbiology
   •  MCB2004L Microbiology Laboratory


   •  FIN1100 Personal Finance
   •  GEB1011 Introduction to Business
   •  MAN2021 Introduction to Management
   •  MAR1350 Marketing the Individual
   •  MAR2011 Principles of Marketing
   •  MNA1161 Introduction to Customer Service
   •  MNA2130 Business Communication
   •  MNA2300 Human Resource Management
   •  SBM2000 Introduction to Entrepreneurship


   •  CHM1020 Chemistry for General Education
   •  CHM1030 General Chemistry for Allied Health
   •  CHM1030L General Chemistry for Allied Health Laboratory
   •  CHM1045 General Chemistry I
   •  CHM1045L General Chemistry Laboratory I
   •  CHM1046 General Chemistry II
   •  CHM1046L General Chemistry Laboratory II
   •  CHM2210 Organic Chemistry I
   •  CHM2210L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
   •  CHM2211 Organic Chemistry II
   •  CHM2211L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

College Success

   •  SLS1301 Career Planning
   •  SLS1510 College Success
   •  SLS2261 Dynamics of Student Leadership Development

Commercial Vehicle Driving

   •  TRA0080 Tractor Trailer Truck Driving

Computer Literacy

   •  CGS1030 Computer Basics
   •  CGS1060 Computer and Internet Literacy
   •  CGS2100 Microcomputer Applications for Business

Computer Networking

   •  CET1600 Open System Architecture I
   •  CET1610 Open System Architecture II
   •  CET2370 Network Virtualization
   •  CET2615 Open System Architecture III
   •  CET2620 Open System Architecture IV
   •  CIS2352 Ethical Hacking
   •  CNT2401 Introduction to Network Security
   •  CTS1131 Microcomputer Architecture
   •  CTS1134 Networking and Telecommunication
   •  CTS2155 Computer User Support
   •  CTS2351 Network Administration and Management
   •  CTS2352 Advanced Network Administration

Computer Programming

   •  CGS1000 Introduction to Computer Technology
   •  CGS1820 Web Page Authoring
   •  CGS2069 Starting a Business on the Internet
   •  CGS2540 Database Concepts
   •  COP1332 Introduction to VB.NET Programming
   •  COP2220 Introduction to C++ Programming
   •  COP2221 Intermediate Programming with C++
   •  COP2360 Introduction to C# Programming
   •  COP2800 Introduction to Java Programming
   •  COP2805 Java Programming II
   •  COP2830 Scripting for the Web
   •  COP2840 Internet Programming

Correctional Probation

   •  CJK0200 Overview of Corrections

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