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TCC Catalog 2017-18 
TCC Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Florida’s Statewide Course Numbering System  


Correctional Probation

   •  CJK0205 Law Enforcement Crossover Responding to Incidents and Emergencies
   •  CJK0230 Correctional Crossover to Correctional Probation: Legal and Communication
   •  CJK0231 Correctional Crossover to Correctional Probation: Supervision
   •  CJK0232 Correctional Officer Crossover to Correctional Probation Investigations
   •  CJK0235 Correctional Crossover to Correctional Probation: Officer Wellness
   •  CJK0260 Introduction to Correctional Probation
   •  CJK0264 Legal Foundations for Correctional Probation
   •  CJK0265 Communications
   •  CJK0266 Intake and Orientation
   •  CJK0267 Caseload Management
   •  CJK0268 Supervision of Offenders
   •  CJK0269 Field Supervision
   •  CJK0271 Legal
   •  CJK0272 Correctional Probation: Interpersonal Communication Skills
   •  CJK0273 Correctional Probation: Caseload Management
   •  CJK0274 Correctional Probation: Supervision
   •  CJK0275 Correctional Probation: Investigations
   •  CJK0276 Correctional Probation: Management Information Systems
   •  CJK0281 Criminal Justice Officer: Physical Fitness Training
   •  CJK0330 Supervising Special Populations
   •  CJK0393 Crossover Program Updates


   •  CJK0287 Correctional Probation Crossover to Correctional: Radio Communications and Searches
   •  CJK0300 Introduction to Corrections
   •  CJK0305 Communications
   •  CJK0310 Officer Safety
   •  CJK0315 Facility and Equipment
   •  CJK0320 Intake and Release
   •  CJK0325 Supervising in a Correctional Facility
   •  CJK0335 Responding to Incidents and Emergencies
   •  CJK0340 Officer Wellness and Physical Abilities
   •  CJK0354 Law Enforcement Crossover to Correctional: Officer Wellness
   •  CJK0391 Correctional Probation Crossover to Correctional: Officer Wellness
   •  CJK0392 Crossover Handgun Transition Course

Criminal Justice

   •  CCJ1020 The Criminal Justice System
   •  CCJ1600 Deviant Behavior
   •  CCJ2000 Crime and Delinquency: Nature and Causes
   •  CCJ2452 Justice Administration
   •  CCJ2930 Seminar on Contemporary Criminal Justice Issues
   •  CJC1000 Corrections
   •  CJC2162 Probation, Pardons, Parole
   •  CJE1000 Law Enforcement
   •  CJE1770 Crime Scene Photography
   •  CJE2330 Ethics in Criminal Justice
   •  CJE2600 Criminal Investigation
   •  CJE2640 Crime Scene Investigation
   •  CJE2643 Advanced Crime Scene Investigation
   •  CJE2670 Introduction to Forensic Science
   •  CJE2671 Latent Fingerprint Development
   •  CJE2672 Fingerprint Classification
   •  CJE2676 Biological Evidence
   •  CJJ2002 Juvenile Justice
   •  CJL1500 The Court System
   •  CJL2100 Criminal Law
   •  CJL2130 Criminal Evidence and Procedures
   •  CJL2610 Courtroom Presentation of Scientific Evidence


   •  CTS0018 Cybersecurity Associate
   •  CTS0019 Information Security Manager


   •  DAA1100 Contemporary Dance
   •  DAA1101 Contemporary Dance II
   •  DAA1200 Ballet I
   •  DAA1201 Ballet II
   •  DAA1300 Social Dance
   •  DAA1304 Dance: Swinging with Technique
   •  DAA1500 Beginning Jazz Dance
   •  DAA1610 An Introduction to Dance Composition


   •  DES1020 Dental Anatomy
   •  DES1200 Dental Radiology
   •  DES1200L Dental Radiology Lab
   •  DES1600 Dental Office Emergencies
   •  DES2100 Dental Materials Theory
   •  DES2100L Dental Materials Lab
   •  DES2502 Clinic and Office Management

Dental Assisting

   •  DEA1030 Preclinic
   •  DEA1030L Preclinic Lab
   •  DEA1051 Nitrous Oxide Monitoring
   •  DEA1805 Clinical Practice I
   •  DEA1805L Clinical Practice I Lab
   •  DEA1855 Clinical Practice II
   •  DEA1855L Clinical Practice II Lab
   •  DEA1940 Clinic Preceptorship I
   •  DEA1941 Clinic Preceptorship II
   •  DEA2832C Expanded Functions I
   •  DEA2833C Expanded Functions II

Dental Hygiene

   •  DEH1002 Dental Hygiene Preclinic Theory
   •  DEH1002L Dental Hygiene Preclinic Lab
   •  DEH1130 Embryology and Oral Histology
   •  DEH1400 General and Oral Pathology
   •  DEH1800 Dental Hygiene I Theory
   •  DEH1800L Dental Hygiene I Clinic
   •  DEH1802 Dental Hygiene II Theory
   •  DEH1802L Dental Hygiene II Clinic
   •  DEH2300 Pharmacology
   •  DEH2504 Dental Specialties
   •  DEH2602 Periodontology
   •  DEH2602L Periodontology Lab
   •  DEH2701 Community Dental Health
   •  DEH2701L Community Dental Health Lab
   •  DEH2804 Dental Hygiene III Theory
   •  DEH2804L Dental Hygiene III Clinic
   •  DEH2900 Dental Health Program Independent Study

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