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TCC Catalog 2017-18 
TCC Catalog 2017-18


Florida's Statewide Course Numbering System  


Engineering and Technology

   •  SUR2392 Advanced GIS Application in Engineering & Tech
   •  SUR2533 Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
   •  SUR2534 Advanced Global Positioning Systems


   •  CRW2001 Creative Writing
   •  CRW2002 Creative Writing II
   •  ENC1101 College Composition
   •  ENC1102 Argument and Persuasion
   •  ENC1141 Writing about Literature
   •  ENC2210 Technical Communications
   •  ENC2948 Practicum in College Composition Mentoring
   •  MMC1100 Writing for Mass Communication

Environmental Sciences

   •  BSC2250C Field Biology of Florida with Lab
   •  EVR1080C Chemistry and Biology of Natural Waters
   •  EVR1263 Urban Pollution
   •  EVR1328 Natural Resources Conservation and Management
   •  EVR1357 Wetland Resources
   •  EVR1858 Environmental Regulation and Compliance
   •  EVR2892C Environmental Sampling and Analysis I


   •  FIL1031 History of Film I
   •  FIL2000 Film Appreciation
   •  FIL2032 History of Film II
   •  MMC1540 Media Aesthetics


   •  FFP0010 Firefighter I
   •  FFP0020 Firefighter II

Foreign Language

   •  FRE1120 Elementary French I
   •  FRE1121 Elementary French II
   •  GER1120 Elementary German I
   •  GER1121 Elementary German II
   •  ITA1120 Beginning Italian I
   •  ITA1121 Beginning Italian II
   •  LAT1120 Beginning Latin I
   •  LAT1121 Beginning Latin II
   •  SPN1120 Elementary Spanish I
   •  SPN1121 Elementary Spanish II
   •  SPN2220 Intermediate Spanish
   •  SPN2240 Intermediate Conversational Spanish I
   •  SPW2010 Introduction to Spanish Literature and Culture


   •  GEA2000 World Regional Geography
   •  GEO1400 Introduction to Human Geography

Graphic Design/Multimedia

   •  CGS1520 Introduction to Multimedia Programming
   •  GRA1111C Graphic Design I
   •  GRA1206C Typography
   •  GRA2103C Computer Based Design I
   •  GRA2105C Computer Based Design II
   •  GRA2121 Publication Design
   •  GRA2140 Web Page Design
   •  GRA2207 Advanced Image Editing
   •  PGY2801C Photoshop

Health Education and Safety

   •  HSC1100 Concepts of Positive Living
   •  HSC1171 Wellness through Stress Management
   •  HSC2122 Consumer Health
   •  HSC2200 Principles of Contemporary Health
   •  HSC2400 First Aid
   •  HSC2531 Medical Terminology

Health Information and Informatics Management

   •  HIM1000 Introduction to Health Information and Informatics Management
   •  HIM1930 Professional Development I
   •  HIM2012 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare
   •  HIM2112C Health Information Technology
   •  HIM2214 Health Statistics
   •  HIM2222C ICD Coding System - CM
   •  HIM2235C Advanced Coding - PCS
   •  HIM2253C CPT Coding System
   •  HIM2272 Reimbursement Methodology
   •  HIM2433 Pathophysiology/Pharmacology
   •  HIM2442 Pharmacology for Health Professions
   •  HIM2500 Healthcare Data and Quality Management
   •  HIM2512 Principles of Organization and Project Management
   •  HIM2920 HIT Seminar
   •  HIM2933 Professional Development II
   •  HIM2935 MCB Practicum and Exam Review
   •  HIM2943 HIM Practicum

Health Science

   •  HSC1000 Orientation to Perioperative Services
   •  HSC1000L Orientation to Perioperative Services Lab
   •  HSC1434C Central Processing Technology Lecture, Lab & Clinical
   •  HSC1538 Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals
   •  HSC2520 Microbiology for Perioperative Services
   •  STS1302 Introduction to Surgical Technology
   •  STS1302L Introduction to Surgical Technology Lab and Clinical
   •  STS1310 Surgical Techniques and Procedures
   •  STS1310L Surgical Techniques and Procedures Lab and Clinical
   •  STS1340 Pharmacology and Anesthesia
   •  STS1925C Endoscopy Basics Theory and Lab
   •  STS1926C Endoscopy Technician Theory and Lab
   •  STS2323 Surgical Procedures I
   •  STS2323L Surgical Procedures I Simulation Lab
   •  STS2324 Surgical Procedures II
   •  STS2324L Surgical Procedures II Simulation Lab
   •  STS2361 The Art of Teamwork in Surgery
   •  STS2365 Professional Skills for the O. R. Team
   •  STS2944 Surgical Technologist Clinical I
   •  STS2945 Surgical Technologist Clinical II
   •  STS2953 Surgical Technologist Portfolio I
   •  STS2954 Surgical Technologist Portfolio II

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

   •  ACR0041 A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Helper
   •  ACR0043 A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic Assistant
   •  ACR0044 A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Technician
   •  ACR0047 A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 1
   •  ACR0049 A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 2


   •  AMH2010 History of the United States I
   •  AMH2020 History of the United States II

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