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TCC Catalog 2017-18 
TCC Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Florida’s Statewide Course Numbering System  


Radiologic Technology

   •  RTE1418 Principles of Radiographic Exposure I
   •  RTE1458 Principles of Radiographic Exposure II
   •  RTE1458L Principles of Radiographic Exposure II Lab
   •  RTE1503 Radiographic Positioning I
   •  RTE1503L Radiographic Positioning I Lab
   •  RTE1513 Radiographic Positioning II
   •  RTE1513L Radiographic Positioning II Lab
   •  RTE1613 Radiation Physics
   •  RTE1804 Radiographic Clinical Education I
   •  RTE1814 Radiographic Clinical Education II
   •  RTE1824 Radiographic Clinical Education III
   •  RTE2061 AART Exam Review
   •  RTE2385 Radiation Biology
   •  RTE2523 Radiographic Positioning III
   •  RTE2523L Radiographic Positioning III Lab
   •  RTE2562C Radiographic Special Procedures I
   •  RTE2572 Imaging Modalities and Cross-Sectional Anatomy
   •  RTE2782 Radiographic Pathology
   •  RTE2834 Radiographic Clinical Education IV
   •  RTE2844 Radiographic Clinical Education V
   •  RTE2854 Radiographic Clinical Education VI
   •  RTE2930 Radiographic Image Analysis I
   •  RTE2931 Radiographic Image Analysis II


   •  REA1105 Critical and Creative Reading
   •  REA1505 Vocabulary


   •  REL2210 Introduction to the Old Testament
   •  REL2240 Introduction to the New Testament
   •  REL2300 World Religions

Respiratory Care

   •  RET1026 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care
   •  RET1026L Fundamentals of Respiratory Care Lab
   •  RET1293 Respiratory Diseases
   •  RET1350 Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology
   •  RET1434 Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care III
   •  RET1450 Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care II
   •  RET1483 Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care I
   •  RET1874 Clinical Practice I
   •  RET1875 Clinical Practice II
   •  RET2027 Instrumentation
   •  RET2264 Advanced Procedures in Respiratory Care I
   •  RET2264L Advanced Procedures in Respiratory Care I Lab
   •  RET2265 Advanced Procedures in Respiratory Care II
   •  RET2265L Advanced Procedures in Respiratory Care II Lab
   •  RET2414 Pulmonary Functions
   •  RET2418 Clinical Assessment V
   •  RET2442 Cardiopulmonary Hemodynamics
   •  RET2442L Cardiopulmonary Hemodynamics Lab
   •  RET2485 Cardiopulmonary Physiology
   •  RET2534 Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care IV
   •  RET2714 Pediatrics and Neonatology
   •  RET2714L Pediatrics and Neonatology Lab
   •  RET2876 Clinical Practice III
   •  RET2877 Clinical Practice IV
   •  RET2878 Clinical Practice V
   •  RET2936 Topics in Respiratory Care

Social Work

   •  SOW1031 Introduction to Social Work


   •  SYG1000 Principles of Sociology
   •  SYG2010 Contemporary Social Problems
   •  SYG2012 Global Issues
   •  SYG2230 Race and Minority Group Relations
   •  SYG2340 Human Sexuality
   •  SYG2361 Thanatology: Dying and Death
   •  SYG2430 Marriage and the Family
   •  SYG2930 Special Topics in Sociology


   •  ORI2000 Introduction to Oral Interpretation
   •  SPC1017 Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communications
   •  SPC1062 Business and Professional Speaking
   •  SPC1330 Non-Verbal Communication
   •  SPC2512 Parliamentary Debate
   •  SPC2594 Speech and Debate Workshop
   •  SPC2595 Speech and Debate Practicum
   •  SPC2608 Public Speaking

Sports Management

   •  SPM2000 Introduction to Sports Management


   •  THE2000 Theatre Appreciation
   •  THE2090 Play Production
   •  THE2100 Introduction to Theatre History
   •  TPA1200 Introduction to Stagecraft
   •  TPP2110 Fundamentals of Acting
   •  TPP2111 Advanced Acting
   •  TPP2120 Creative Improvisation
   •  TPP2250 Introduction to Musical Theatre


   •  PMT0106 Introduction and Oxyacetylene Welding
   •  PMT0112 Advanced Specialty Oxyacetylene Welding
   •  PMT0121 Shielded Metal Arc Welding
   •  PMT0122 Shielded Metal Arc Welding High Technology Skills
   •  PMT0126 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding (ASMAW)
   •  PMT0130 Introduction to MIG
   •  PMT0131 TIG Welding
   •  PMT0134 MIG Welding
   •  PMT0138 Specialty TIG
   •  PMT0145 GMAW Flux Core Arc Welding
   •  PMT0164 Fabrication of Metal Products Using Shielded Metal Arc Welding
   •  PMT0165 SMAW Pipe Welding
   •  PMT0166 Heavy Wall Pipe Welding
   •  PMT0171 Gas Tungsten Arc Pipe Welding
   •  PMT0173 Gas Metal Arc Pipe Welding
   •  PMT0174 Introduction to Pipefitting and Pipe Fabrication
   •  PMT0190 Emerging Technologies in Welding

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