Oct 17, 2019  
TCC Catalog 2017-18 
TCC Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DAA1304 Dance: Swinging with Technique

1 credit hour(s) | Fall | Spring
Instruction in contemporary country western dance and a variety of swing dances, with an emphasis on dancing as a physical activity that enhances physical fitness and social well-being. The course includes instruction in the basic elements of the country western dances recognized by the United Country Western Dance Council as the competition dances and a variety of the popular swing dances. Proper technique and execution will be emphasized. The dances taught will include, but not be limited to, the two-step, night club two-step, polka, cha cha, waltz, East coast swing, West coast swing, hustle (3-count) and single swing. The country western techniques will be compared to ballroom dance techniques to enhance an appreciation of both areas of dance. Activity: 2 hours. A total of two semester hours of credit in physical education activity courses, including dance courses, may be used toward the 60 semester hours required for graduation with A.A. degree.

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