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TCC Catalog 2019-20 
TCC Catalog 2019-20


Florida’s Statewide Course Numbering System  



   •  EDF2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators
   •  EME2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators

Emergency Medical Technology

   •  EMS1059C First Responder
   •  EMS1119 Emergency Medical Technician Lecture
   •  EMS1119L Emergency Medical Technician Lab
   •  EMS1431L Emergency Medical Technician Clinical
   •  EMS1525 Electrocardiography
   •  EMS2018 EMS Competency Review
   •  EMS2603 Paramedic I Lecture
   •  EMS2603L Paramedic I Lab
   •  EMS2604 Paramedic II Lecture
   •  EMS2604L Paramedic II Lab
   •  EMS2605 Paramedic III Lecture
   •  EMS2605L Paramedic III Lab
   •  EMS2659L Paramedic Field Internship
   •  EMS2666L Paramedic I Clinical
   •  EMS2667L Paramedic II Clinical

Engineering and Technology

   •  BCN1001 Applied Math Concepts for Design and Construction
   •  BCN1040 Introduction to Sustainable/Green Building Principles
   •  BCN2230 Construction Materials and Methods
   •  BCN2241 Construction Operations
   •  BCN2272 Plans Interpretation
   •  BCN2405 Statics and Strength of Materials
   •  BCN2704 Construction Contracts, Codes, Laws and Safety
   •  BCT2705 Construction Management
   •  BCT2770 Construction Estimating 1
   •  EET1084C Introduction to Electronics
   •  EGN1111C Engineering Graphics
   •  EGN2112C Computer Application in Drafting and Design
   •  EGS1002 Introduction to Engineering Technology
   •  ETD1320 Introduction to CAD
   •  ETD2340 Advanced CAD
   •  ETD2390 3D Auto CAD/Revit
   •  ETD2563C Fire Protection Design
   •  ETI1110 Quality Assurance
   •  ETI1420C Manufacturing Processes and Materials
   •  ETI1622 Concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
   •  ETI1701 Industrial Safety
   •  ETM1010C Mechanical Measurement and Instrumentation
   •  ETM2315C Hydraulics and Pneumatics
   •  ETS1511C Motors and Controls
   •  SUR2100C Fundamentals of Land Surveying
   •  SUR2200C Route Surveying
   •  SUR2390 GIS Application in Engineering and Technology
   •  SUR2392 Advanced GIS Application in Engineering & Tech
   •  SUR2533 Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
   •  SUR2534 Advanced Global Positioning Systems


   •  CRW2001 Creative Writing
   •  ENC1101 College Composition
   •  ENC1102 Argument and Persuasion
   •  ENC1141 Writing about Literature
   •  ENC2210 Technical Communications
   •  MMC1100 Writing for Mass Communication


   •  FIL1031 History of Film I
   •  FIL2000 Film Appreciation
   •  FIL2032 History of Film II
   •  MMC1540 Media Aesthetics


   •  FFP0010 Firefighter I
   •  FFP0020 Firefighter II

Foreign Language

   •  FRE1120 Elementary French I
   •  FRE1121 Elementary French II
   •  GER1120 Elementary German I
   •  GER1121 Elementary German II
   •  LAT1120 Beginning Latin I
   •  LAT1121 Beginning Latin II
   •  SPN1120 Elementary Spanish I
   •  SPN1121 Elementary Spanish II
   •  SPN2220 Intermediate Spanish


   •  GEA2000 World Regional Geography
   •  GEO1400 Introduction to Human Geography

Graphic Design/Multimedia

   •  CGS1520 Introduction to Multimedia Programming
   •  GRA1111C Graphic Design I
   •  GRA1206C Typography
   •  GRA2103C Computer Based Design I
   •  GRA2105C Computer Based Design II
   •  GRA2121 Publication Design
   •  GRA2140 Web Page Design
   •  PGY2801C Photoshop

Health Education and Safety

   •  HSC1100 Concepts of Positive Living
   •  HSC1171 Wellness through Stress Management
   •  HSC2200 Principles of Contemporary Health
   •  HSC2400 First Aid
   •  HSC2531 Medical Terminology

Health Science

   •  HSC1000 Orientation to Perioperative Services
   •  HSC1000L Orientation to Perioperative Services Lab
   •  HSC1434C Central Processing Technology Lecture, Lab & Clinical
   •  HSC1538 Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals
   •  HSC2520 Microbiology for Perioperative Services
   •  STS1302 Introduction to Surgical Technology
   •  STS1302L Introduction to Surgical Technology Lab and Clinical
   •  STS1310 Surgical Techniques and Procedures
   •  STS1310L Surgical Techniques and Procedures Lab and Clinical
   •  STS1340 Pharmacology and Anesthesia
   •  STS1925C Endoscopy Basics Theory and Lab
   •  STS1926C Endoscopy Technician Theory and Lab
   •  STS2323 Surgical Procedures I
   •  STS2323L Surgical Procedures I Simulation Lab
   •  STS2324 Surgical Procedures II
   •  STS2324L Surgical Procedures II Simulation Lab
   •  STS2361 The Art of Teamwork in Surgery

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