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TCC Catalog 2016-17 
TCC Catalog 2016-17 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MAT0028 Foundations of College Mathematics II

4 credit hour(s) | Fall | Spring | Summer
Prerequisite(s): Appropriate placement and initial diagnostic assessment scores or voluntary enrollment. Students are highly encouraged to consult with an academic advisor before choosing their developmental mathematics course.
The course is designed to supplement and strengthen the skills the student possesses and to allow for the development of algebra skills needed for success in college-credit mathematics. Topics include properties of real numbers, operations with real numbers, manipulation of algebraic expressions, solving linear equations and inequalities, basic polynomial operations, applying the properties of integer exponents, factoring polynomials, operations with radical expressions, basic graphing of linear equations in two variables, and basic applications of algebra in plane geometry. Direct instruction and guided active learning will be the main modes of delivery for this course. In this format, the student is responsible for completing pre-class activities and in-class activities that are a mix of direct instruction, group activities and individual discovery activities. Students will be responsible for solving problems contextualized within the State-defined meta-majors. These problems allow students to explore the type of work they will encounter if they choose a career in the targeted meta-major. The course is designed for students whose initial diagnostic assessment places them into the second developmental math level with numerous skills not mastered, those who have completed the first level of developmental math, those who may have struggled in other formats, those who are unsure of their learning style, or those who may know their meta-major.  Contact: 4 hours. Students must earn a grade of C or better in this course before enrolling in college-credit mathematics (MAT1033  or  ). Does not count toward A.A. degree or A.S. degree.