May 19, 2022  
TCC Catalog 2016-17 
TCC Catalog 2016-17 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MAC1147 Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry

5 credit hour(s) | Spring
Prerequisite(s): grade of A or B in MAC1105  and successful completion of high school trigonometry, or appropriate score on the College Level Math (CLM) placement test.
Topics include properties, applications and graphs of polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions and solutions of higher-degree polynomial equations. Solutions of systems of equations using matrices and determinants, sequences and series, the binomial theorem, an introduction to conic sections, proof by mathematical induction, trigonometric functions of angles and real numbers along with their graphs, inverses, solutions of triangles and other applications, trigonometric identities, conditional trigonometric equations, complex numbers in trigonometric form and DeMoivre’s Theorem, vectors, polar coordinates, and an introduction to parametric equations are also addressed. Lecture: 5 hours. A graphing calculator is required; check with instructor for the most appropriate one. May not be taken for credit by any student who has a grade of C or better in   or  .