Sep 24, 2023  
TCC Catalog 2016-17 
TCC Catalog 2016-17 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NUR3273 Health Promotion

3 credit hour(s) | Fall | Spring | Summer
This course explores the concepts of health promotion and the application of health promotion concepts to nursing practice to enable the client to control and improve health outcomes. While focusing on the methodology critical to developing a plan of care for clients, students will learn the rationale and techniques for using specific assessment tools, analysis of assessment data, selection of lifespan appropriate interventions, implementation of interventions and measurement of resulting outcomes. Content will be focused on cultural diversity, disparity in health care and social determinants that impact the client’s plan of care and resulting approaches for promoting a healthier society. The use of technology and health promotion research will be explored and applied to nursing practice. Contact: 3 hours Does not count toward A.A. degree.