Feb 04, 2023  
TCC Catalog 2018-19 
TCC Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HUM2741 Humanities Abroad

3 credit hour(s)
Prerequisite(s): grade of C or better in an approved section of HUM2020 , or grade of C or better in HUM2210  and HUM2230 , or grade of C or better in ARH2050  and ARH2051 .
Course consists of an academically oriented overseas tour that brings students face-to-face with the cultural achievements studied in prerequisite course(s). In addition to providing on-site encounters with many of the greatest accomplishments in human history, the course offers students opportunities to practice what they learned regarding the customs, languages and currencies of the locations they visit. Course outline and travel costs vary in accordance with the itinerary. (Global Gateway Program) Substantial writing component. Fulfills state writing requirement. Satisfies the General Education requirement.