Nov 27, 2020  
TCC Catalog 2018-19 
TCC Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CJK0092 Critical Incidents

0 credit hour(s)

Prerequisite(s): admission into FPSI program.
Students are prepared to complete and pass Unit 1, IS-100.LEb, Introduction to the Incident Command System and Unit 2, IS-700.a, National Incident Management (NIMS), An Introduction. Students also learn to understand local emergency response plans, law enforcement duty-to-act requirements, and the role of law enforcement officers as first responders; how to respond to an active shooter incident; plan for response to a natural disaster; identify weapons of mass destruction and properly respond to a WMD incident, including IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and VBIEDs (vehicle borne IEDs); be aware of hazardous material class, name or identification number; identify actions to take to isolate a hazmat incident and choose protective actions to take in accordance with the Emergency Response Guidebook; recognize the indicators of and paraphernalia used in the manufacture of methamphetamine; describe the indicators of chemical suicide; and properly respond to a bomb threat, assess the scene, and search a building or suspected bomb site. 44 clock hours. Does not count toward A.A. or A.S. degree.