Jul 31, 2021  
TCC Catalog 2019-20 
TCC Catalog 2019-20 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PTN1940 Pharmacy Practicum I

3 credit hour(s)
Prerequisite(s): PTN1121 , PTN1132 , CGS1060 , ENC1101 .
Corequisite(s): PTN1131C , PTN1122 , PTN1930 .
This course facilitates the transition of the student from the classroom environment to the clinical site. Topics include professionalism, productivity, work ethic, handling challenging situations and problem solving-with emphasis on success in the workplace and appropriate customer service skills. Additional topics include employment opportunities, resume writing and interviewing skills. Students will participate in a mock panel interview and complete a virtual pharmacy externship. Contact: 3 hours. Does not count toward A.A. degree.