Dec 09, 2023  
TCC Catalog 2021-22 
TCC Catalog 2021-22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

RET2265 Advanced Procedures in Respiratory Care II

2 credit hour(s)
Prerequisite(s): grade of C or better in  ,  ,  ,  ,   .
Corequisite(s):  ,  ,  ,  .
Covers assessment of the mechanically ventilated patient, ventilator graphics, noninvasive assessment of respiratory function, techniques in patient-ventilator management, improving oxygenation, basic concepts of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation, discontinuation of and weaning from mechanical ventilation, long-term ventilation and special techniques in ventilatory support. Case studies will be presented. Contact: 3 hours per week. Does not count toward A.A. degree.