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TCC Catalog 2012-13 
TCC Catalog 2012-13 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HUM2740 Humanities Abroad I

3 credit hour(s) | Spring
Prerequisite(s): satisfactory completion of the general education communications requirement.
Designed to prepare students for participation in the overseas tour connected with HUM2741 . Major emphasis is on academic preparation with thorough instruction about the cultural achievements that will be encountered during the overseas tour. Practical preparation includes instruction about handling culture shock, dealing with foreign currencies, speaking foreign phrases, obtaining passports, packing for an overseas journey and budgeting expenditures. This is a higher-level course designed to be more extensive in terms of the material covered and more intensive in terms of academic requirements than HUM1700. Course outline and travel costs vary in accordance with the itinerary. Credit for HUM1700/HUM1701 may not substitute for HUM2740/HUM2741 . Offered solely for those planning to enroll in HUM2741  and travel as participants in the Humanities Study Abroad Program. (Global Gateway Program ) Contact: 3 hours. Substantial writing component. Fulfills state writing requirement. Satisfies the general education humanities requirement.