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TCC Catalog 2012-13 
TCC Catalog 2012-13 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Technology, A.S. (2104)

Program Purpose:
To further prepare registered paramedics who want to earn employment advancement that requires an associate degree. The degree includes additional competencies for advancement to management and teaching responsibilities within the profession.

Employment Types:
Registered paramedics are employed by emergency care providers, ambulance companies, hospital emergency departments and intensive care units, educational organizations and other settings

Program Length:
73 credit hours

Program Explanation:
For students currently enrolled in, or who have completed, the paramedic certification program. The degree option below shows the nonparamedic courses needed to complete the degree (Required College Courses). Applicants who are not already paramedics or enrolled in the paramedic program should see the criteria for admission as outlined on the Certificate in Paramedic in this catalog or in the Paramedic certificate application packet, which may be obtained from the program Web page ( Applicants must be admitted first to the paramedic certificate program before declaring their intent to earn the associate degree.

All students participating in this program who are enrolled in paramedic (EMS) courses must pass all clinical affiliates’ requirements for criminal background checks, drug screenings and health/immunizations prior to starting all classes. Students must have current American Heart Association’s BLS/American Red Cross certification at the Healthcare Provider level while enrolled in the program.

See important information in the Additional Healthcare Degree Requirements  section of this catalog.

Academic Division:
Healthcare Professions, Ghazvini Center for Healthcare Education

(850) 558-4500 or

Course Information

Required College Courses

 (Except for BSC1084C , these courses may be taken at any time during the program.)

General Education

Please refer to General Education  requirements.


Total Hours: 24

Complete Paramedic Certificate Program

 Note: BSC1084C must be completed prior to acceptance into the paramedic program.

Semester I:

Semester II:

Semester III:

Total Hours: 38


All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

In addition to the coursework, the student must participate in required specified hours of clinical experience during each semester.

* The EMT Applied Technology Diploma

** Prerequisites for Paramedic. Students may substitute BSC2085 /BSC2085L , plus BSC2086 /BSC2086L  for BSC1084C .